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Get a job in motorsports, with or without a college degree. An industry insider will tell you everything you need to know to secure a dream job in the motorsports industry.

Careers in motosports have long been among the most sought after for engineers and gear heads, but a motorsports team has a diverse range of occupations available. The biggest obstacle is getting your foot in the door. This guide will show you exactly how and where to start. However, before you get started, let's look at a few myths about the motorsports industry:

Myth #1: Racing is just a hobby for rich people, and isn't a viable career path. While it is true that motorsports attracts a fair share of rich and famous people, most of the people working in the business are just regular people pursuing their dream.

Myth #2: There are currently no jobs available in motorsports because of the economy. The truth is, companies resist dropping sponsorship of mototsports teams during a recession. By maintaining sponsorships, corporations hope to portray an image of stability, and they also hope to increase their marketshare over competitors that don't sponsor a team.

Myth #3: You have to have an advanced degree from a top tier school. A poll of motorsports employees found that 63% of those employed in Indianapolis' motorsports industry do not have a college degree.

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